• Simple to install
  • Eliminates need to weld


  • Supplied gasket adhesive is useless


  • Great solution for adding an O2 sensor to your exhaust system for non-welders


If you’ve clicked around Parts and Projects you know that I do own a couple of welders. So, why you ask am I installing an AEM no weld O2 bung in my car? There are a few reasons. For one thing, exhaust tubing is a thin gauge steel which can be a challenge to weld without burning through. The O2 bung being a heavier gauge metal compounds that challenge. Add to that the need to weld upside down with the h-pipe being installed on the car and the AEM no weld O2 bung starts looking pretty good.

Installation of the AEM no weld O2 bung is pretty straightforward. AEM even includes recommendations on placement of the sensor. Once you’ve located where on the exhaust pipe you plan to install the sensor, mark it, drill a hole in the pipe, and you’re already halfway there.



Next you’ll need to clean any rust of grime off of the pipe in the area where the lap band clamp will be installed, to ensure the gasket sticks and the bung doesn’t leak. I did run into some trouble here. I sanded the area thoroughly until it was clean and rough. Then I wiped all of the dust away with a clean damp rag and let it dry before installing the gasket. The AEM supplied gasket has adhesive on the side that wraps around the pipe, but even with a prepared surface the gasket doesn’t stick well. At least mine didn’t. It also is not terribly flexible and cracks as you wrap it around the pipe.

I ended up using some high temp gasket adhesive I had in the shop to hold it in place well enough that I could get the clamp in place. Be careful though, you’ll want to be sure none of the adhesive gets near the installed O2 sensor. The sensors are sensitive to contamination, and expensive to replace.


Once the clamp is set in place with the inner flange of the bung hole set inside the pipe you’re ready to tighten the bolts on the clamp. Once the bolts are tight you can remove the protective boot from the sensor, tighten it up, snap in the electrical connections, and you’re done.

Despite minor frustrations with the supplied gasket, the AEM no weld O2 bung is a great product. It’s simple to install in less time than it would take you to drop the car at an exhaust shop to weld a bung, and it provides a leak-free bung wherever you need it.