I first met the Clints Deardorff back in February, 2004 when I shot a pair of their custom bikes for an Octane Magazine cover. The Deardorff’s, a father and son fabrication team, were building bikes under the name Generation Cycles out of their single car garage in Virginia Beach. I had only a few issues of Octane under my belt at the time and was working out of my garage as well, so we had a lot in common. As it turns out, we still do. Though we both left our respective businesses for more traditional employment, years later we’ve reconnected via the wonders of social media.

I recently uncovered two of the photo shoots we did in our days doing business together. The first shoot including the chopped burgundy Buell powered Sportster and black raked Sportster was done in our home office days, shot on Clint’s front lawn. The Buell was later repainted and was photographed again at the Generation Cycles shop, after they’d outgrown the home garage. I’m excited to share these photos with the Deardorffs, which include some previously unpublished shots, and thought some other folks might enjoy them too. Here they are, Generation Cycles’ “Cure for the Common Sportster.”