I shot this super clean Fox body Mustang 5.0 Notchback late in 2006 for an Octane Magazine feature. Unfortunately Octane closed up shop before the Mustang made it into print. My notes from the shoot and discussions with the owner have been lost to time, but I do recall the guy had taken his 5.0 to a few Fun Ford Weekends and that the Mustang was really tastefully modded and unbelievably clean.

This 5.0 was not all show and no go, however. It rumbled with a healthy cam and throaty exhaust, and it’s clearly set up for drag racing with big-n-little Weld wheels and fat drag radials. The owner, I think his name was Parsons, was also saving some weight with a lift off fiberglass hood and rear seat delete.

If this killer Mustang 5.0 Notchback looks familiar to you, or you know a guy named Parsons who may own or have owned it, please put him in touch with me. I’d love to fill in the details of the car, and share these photos with him.


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