What do you do with the empty space next to your 1970 Chevelle SS454 in your two car garage? If you’re Monte Dozier, you fill it with a Dodge Charger R/T.

When Dozier stumbled upon a pale yellow 100% original, rust free, 44,000 mile Charger in the original owner’s garage he saw it as the perfect opportunity to build the Hemi powered Dodge Charger R/T he’d dreamed of as a teenager.

Dozier immediately ripped out the original 383 and the rest of the drivetrain. An engine builder by trade, he got right to work stuffing a new 426 Hemi block with a Racer Brown hydraulic cam and a forged rotating assembly. He then topped it off with aluminum heads and an original Hemi intake with dual Holley four barrels. If the car had rolled off the Dodge assembly line as a true Charger R/T the mighty mill would likely have been backed by a stout Torqueflite transmission and Dana 60 rear, so he made that happen too.

Though the car was clean and rust free it was showing some wear, so the decision was made to tear it down for a frame off restoration. The Charger was disassembled, blasted, and painted by the guys at American Classics and Hot Rods in Norfolk, VA. Dozier wanted to go a few shades brighter, but stick with a Mopar color, so the R/T ended up covered in Lemon Twist. The original interior was in such great shape it was simply cleaned and reinstalled with a new tach and headliner.

Now Monte Dozier is living his teenage dream, faced with a tough decision every time the double door on his garage rolls open. Super Sport or Hemi Charger?