Looking at it now, it’s tough to believe this 1967 Mustang GTA convertible was once forsaken for a Geo. Lucky for us, the classics never die. I can’t help but wonder though, whatever happened to that Geo?

This Mustang GTA was originally sold at Thompson Ford on Mercury Boulevard in Hampton, Virginia in 1967. The second owner bought it in 1973. When he died in the early 80’s his daughter continued to drive the Mustang until 1987, when she parked it in the yard and bought a new Geo. By the time the Mustang’s current owner found it in 1992 it was a total basket case. Years of neglect and hamfist repairs had taken their toll on the old Ford.

Scrap sheet metal was riveted all over the floor boards, covering rust and holes. The door skins and quarters were rotting off of the car, the top and interior were slowly disintegrating, and the drivetrain was shot. It took owner Larry Sigmon six years to put the old pony back together again, handling much of the restoration himself.

After tearing the car down Sigmon sent the original 289 and C4 off to Jasper Performance in Indiana for an overhaul. He reinstalled the rebuilt engine and trans himself and topped it off with a Cobra kit. The Cobra kit features three deuces on an aluminum intake and is a reproduction of an over-the-counter upgrade Ford would have sold at the dealership when the car was new. The original 8 inch rear holds a 3.10 gear and limited slip diff.



Sigmon had Harris Truck and Body in Newport News, Virginia hang new quarter panels and door skins, weld in a new floor pan, and shoot a few coats of Ford Royal Blue Pearl Metallic, a 1994 factory color. Classic looking American Racing Torq Thrust D wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich rubber look tough and match the car’s personality. Larry refurbished the interior, which includes a rare original AM/FM radio, as well as the convertible top himself.

Now returned to its former glory, this classic stallion is turning heads again. As long as it’s in Larry Sigmon’s hands, we can rest assured it won’t be forsaken again.


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