The format of Tom Cotter’s The Harley In The Barn, More Great Tales of Motorcycle Archaeology is quite familiar to me by now. Over the last few years I’ve read all of Cotter’s In The Barn collections of short stories about vintage motorcycle and automobile barn finds.

True to form, The Harley In The Barn is a fun, casual read. All of the stories are short and entertaining, making it an easy book to pick up and put down in between other things…if you can put it down. As you might suspect from the title, the primary focus of this In The Barn edition is vintage and Harley motorcycles, but there are plenty of other stories of two wheeled treasures unearthed including BMW, Ducati, Vincent, Norton, Bultaco, BSA, and Yamaha cycles.

The Harley In The Barn

Some notable stories include Doobie Brother Pat Simmons hauling barn found bikes back home on the tour bus, factory Norton race bikes, Burt Munro’s World’s Fastest Indian, the #001 Brough Superior factory test mule, and a threesome of Yamaha TZ750 road racers. Part of the appeal of this series though, is that most of the stories are shared by regular guys chasing down a dream, stumbling upon an artifact, or otherwise fulfilling gearhead fantasies.

If you’ve ever ridden down a country lane daydreaming of forgotten treasures hidden in decrepit barns and abandoned service stations, you’ll enjoy The Harley In The Barn, and Cotter’s earlier collection The Vincent In The Barn. If you prefer your barn find fantasies with four wheels, you’ll also appreciate The Cobra In The Barn, The Corvette In The Barn, and The Hemi In The Barn. Keep on dreaming!


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