Love the Beast documents the decades long relationship of actor/director Eric Bana and his Australian Ford XB Falcon. It’s a story of love, heartbreak, and friendship that only a gearhead can truly understand.

Written and directed by Bana, the film gives a glimpse into Bana’s personal life back to his teen years, before he was rich and famous. Interviews with friends and family support Bana’s portrayal of himself as a down-to-earth guy who still gathers his childhood friends under the hood of his Falcon, which he likens to a campfire circle.

Personal photos and video document the Beast’s humble beginnings as a clapped out teen dream through its final stage as a full on race car sporting a 600 horsepower stroked small block Ford. Highlights include in-car race footage ranging from Bana’s third place finish in his first rally to the Falcon’s last race, as well as classic footage from Bathurst, where Bana first fell in love with the Falcon.

The film’s supporting cast includes Bana’s friends and parents, as well as celebrity gearheads Jay Leno and Jeremy Clarkson with Dr. Phil offering his opinions on the spiritual connections we feel with our automobiles.

Grab yourself a cold beer and a handful of jerky, and Love the Beast. It’s time well spent.

Love The Beast with Eric Bana