Reading Ford Mustang – How To Build And Modify 1964-1973, it’s clear Frank Bohanan knows classic Mustangs. I viewed this book as more of a planning guide than a How To manual, but if you’re new to classic Mustangs, or are planning a restoration or upgrades to a 1964-73 Mustang, How To Build And Modify is a great text. Bohanan covers a broad spectrum of information related to projects and upgrades for classic 1964-1973 Mustangs, but most chapters are light on actual step-by-step instruction. Bohanan references the numerous differences between years and models as his primary reason for keeping information high level.

How To Build And Modify 1964-73 Ford Mustang

Be that as it may, Ford Mustang How To Build And Modify 1964-1973 does include a wealth of information, much of which applies not only to Mustangs, but older Ford projects in general. Bohanan begins with a good primer on engines, focusing on Windsor small blocks. Camshaft, head, and valvetrain options are discussed as are intake, exhaust, and fuel systems for both carbureted and fuel injected small blocks. Bohanan’s chapters on ignition, starting, lubrication, and cooling systems also offer a lot of good information that applies to just about any vintage Ford project.

The transmission section gets more detailed and Mustang specific with discussions of overdrive and automatic to manual swaps (and vice versa). Again, this is not a step-by-step installation guide, but Bohanan provides good detail on common missteps, tips for some of the intimidating steps, resources for swap kits and parts suppliers, and some solid recommendations. That’s followed up with some great information about the differences and benefits of various rear axles, u-joints, and driveshafts.

The brake  and suspension chapters similarly go into greater detail covering Mustang specific brake and suspension options including complete upgrade recommendations for daily driven Mustangs as well as varying degrees of competition cars. Bohanan finishes with some interesting ideas for interior, electrical, and lighting updates.

If you’re new to classic Mustangs, or to working on old cars in general you’ll find a wealth of invaluable information in Ford Mustang How To Build And Modify 1964-1973. I think this book is equally valuable to even an experienced Mustang enthusiast planning a restomod or looking for some inspiration in upgrading the pony in their garage.

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