As part of our coil conversion, removal of our 2004 Jaguar XJ8 rear seat was required for access to the suspension control module. I tried pushing and lifting the rear seat bottom, as that is the process on almost every other car I’ve ever owned, but it became clear quickly that this was not the correct method of seat removal in the XJ8. Fortunately, once you understand how the seat is held in the car, removal is simple. Here’s how to remove the rear seat in your XJ8.

  1. Locate the four latches holding the rear seat bottom down. They’re a little tricky to locate blindly, but you can feel them if you shove your hand in between the seat foam and the lower seat frame.
    TIP: The corner latch releases are set higher than the center latches, which can make them a bit tougher to initially locate.
  2. Each latch has a triangular release that needs to be rotated.
  3. ¬†Once you’ve released all four latches the seat simply lifts out. Be gentle though, there’s not a lot of slack in the seat warmer wires and you don’t want to pull them. If you need to remove the seat bottom from the car entirely, carefully unplug the seat warmers first.
  4. To remove the seat back you’ll need to locate the two release straps. They’re just pull straps located roughly behind the inboard latches for the seat bottom.
  5. Pull the outer seat belt straps off the seat so they don’t interfere with pulling the seat back out. Pull the center seat belt strap out and hold it.
  6. Now pull both of the release straps and gently pull the seat back forward by the head rests. It’s an easier job with two people. That’s it.
  7. Installation is simply the reverse of removal.