As much as I enjoy my 2004 XJ8, it doesn’t offer a lot of utility. The Jaguar is currently my only vehicle, so although it was intended to be, and functions beautifully as a comfortable touring car, it also needs to be my race car, family road trip machine, and occasional camping rig. Those last two require some serious luggage capacity, which is lacking in the XJ8.

Solution? Factory Jaguar roof rack bars. That’s right. Factory. A cool 140 bucks will buy you a pair of locking roof bars designed specifically for the XJ8. I bolted a Reese cargo basket to the bars and can now haul three 18 quart storage bins full of camping gear, my generator, and a gas can on the roof. Concerned about style? I promise, an XJ8 with a roof basket actually looks tougher than you might imagine.

If you’re looking to add some utility to your XJ8, the part number on these roof bars is C2C38817. The bars have a capacity of 200 pounds and easily accept a basket or enclosed cargo carrier, as well as a host of other universal aftermarket accessories like bike racks and kayak carriers. Installation is simple, with just basic tools.

The only downside I’ve experienced with roof bars on the Jaguar is that they do generate a significant amount of wind noise in the car. That noise is amplified further when you’ve got a basket and/or cargo on the car. It’s a small price to pay though, when you’re on the road to adventure with your family in the car and a week’s worth of camping and fishing gear on top of it.