Every May, monsters descend on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Monster trucks that is! This annual three day event has become a tradition in our house, with 2015 being our fourth or fifth visit to Monsters on the Beach.

Similar to the indoor monster truck shows you may have attended, Monsters on the Beach features monster trucks competing in a number of events including a wheelie contest and freestyle competition jumping sand dunes and junk cars. The wider space afforded by the outdoor venue allows the trucks to hit greater speeds and higher jumps than they can at the stadium shows, allowing for some great action. Another benefit to the outdoor show – the open air allows the deafening roar of open headers on big block race engines to travel rather than bounce around stadium walls. You’ll still want to bring ear plugs or ear protectors, but it is easier on the ears compared to stadium seats downwind of a full throttle charge.



If you’re an avid monster truck fan, you may be disappointed to note that in recent years the A-list trucks don’t come down to Monsters on the Beach. Event organizers tell me the fees to bring in the most well known trucks are prohibitively expensive. That’s not to say Monsters on the Beach participants are newcomers and also-rans. This year the 40th Anniversary Bigfoot was a headliner, as was Bounty Hunter, and local favorites Stone Crusher and Hooked who always put on a great show for their hometown crowd.

Event organizers also do a great job of keeping the crowd engaged in between the monsters. Over the years we’ve seen ATV races, dirt bike stunt riders, and Robosaurus – a monster robot dinosaur that eats cars and breathes fire. An annual staple are the local racers. Sponsored by local off road and 4×4 shops regular guys and gals in locally built rigs drag race in the sand for entertainment and bragging rights.

Monsters on the Beach is a family friendly event right on the beautiful Virginia Beach boardwalk. These events do sell out every year, and the bleacher seating fills in fast so get there early. Also, check the weather and bring an umbrella because the monsters run rain or shine!