///Holley Power Valve – 9.5

Holley Power Valve – 9.5

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9.5 Holley Power Valve.

The Holley Power Valve allows your carb to run lean during part throttle driving by quickly enrichening the fuel mixture when you mash the gas.


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9.5 Holley Power Valve, Holley Performance part number 125-95

Includes gasket.


Your Holley carb’s power valve allows the carburetor to function leaner for part-throttle fuel economy but once the throttle is in a wide-open position, vacuum in the manifold drops to almost zero and the power valve enriches the fuel mixture. When the engine is returned to basic part-throttle operation and vacuum rises, the power valve closes up, leaning out the mixture. The power valve is important because of its effect on everyday, around-town drivability.

The rule of thumb for power valve size selection is to divide your highest part throttle manifold vacuum reading by two and select the closest size smaller. Example: 8″ Hg of manifold vacuum would use a 3.5″ Hg power valve. Holley power valves include gaskets (thread size: 1/2-28).



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