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Author: Dan Hankin

jaguar and bmw

Dominion Raceway Test Drive

Dominion Raceway & Entertainment is a new motorsports and entertainment complex recently built and opened in Thornburg, VA. Dominion Raceway features a two mile road course, 1/8 mile drag strip, NASCAR sanctioned 4/10 mile banked oval track, Kart track with 9hp European style racing karts, concert and entertainment venue, and bar and grill. We visited the…

jaguar hood ornament

2004 Jaguar XJ8

I really hope I don’t regret this. I just bought a 2004 Jaguar XJ8 to replace my recently sold 1968 Mustang. I think it’s probably safe to assume a Jaguar has never made a Consumer Reports list of most reliable cars, but as one Reddit commenter says, “You don’t buy a Jaguar because it’s reliable or the…

sheet metal fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques and Tips For Beginners and Pros – Book Review

At the rate I’m going I ought to start a book club. Continuing my interest in fabrication, my latest read is Sheet Metal Fabrication – Techniques and Tips for Beginners and Pros by Eddie Paul. Sheet Metal Fabrication includes a good cross section of metal working information. Paul begins with a lesson in metallurgy, outlining the most common aluminum…

EFI Conversions book cover

EFI Conversions – How To Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection – Book Review

With a winter chill finally settling over us here in Virginia, I spent a good portion of this week under a warm blanket reading about Spring projects. More specifically I was taking in Tony Candela’s EFI Conversions, How To Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection. Prior to picking up EFI Conversions I wasn’t familiar…